Why women need to stop dieting!!!!!


Dear women of the world,
Lets stop dieting.

Why do we do this to ourselves.
Why do we feel the need to diet? To have ‘abs’ and the ‘shredded’ look that is forced down our throat nearly every day now……
Heres the thing.
And i don't think this is going to be a shock to many people but we seem to be forgetting these key elements.
We all have different body shapes.
Our bone structures are not all the same, our DNA is defiantly not the same…..
But we look at these women who have abs and for some reason, its become an icon to show everyone how fit you are……
I know women, who eat like crap. They eat mcdonalds every single day and just run at the gym and don't workout very hard and they have ABS! Thats their genetic makeup. That is them naturally.
We cant hate on them for what they were given.
People often say to these types of people ‘ oh gosh you're so lucky’.
Why. Why is this person lucky.
Why do we associate the fact that someone has a lean body shape as lucky? 

We’ve become so obsessed with this ‘lean’ body icon for women that people have developed all these diets, and diet pills to ‘get us there’.

Guess what.
They don't work in the long run.
You’ll be dieting, then you’ll realise how hungry you really are, then you’ll binge. Then you’ll feel really bad. Then you’ll go back to dieting the next day, possibly dieting even harder to make up for that binge. Then your body gets hungry again and you binge again. Then the cycle repeats over and over.
Sure in the short run, you’ll drop some weight, you'll feel pretty good. The reason for that is you are basically starving your body with the diet…..
But they don't work in the long run. This is not how you want to live the rest of your life!!!!

You start to develop a bad relationship with certain types of food when you go on diets.
Cut out carbs.
Cut out dairy. 


Cut out gluten.
Cut out refined sugars.
Cut out fruit….. 

Cut out alcohol.
Cut out meat.

Its okay, I've been there before myself. I’ve put myself through most of these crazy diets so I can speak from experience.

You want to know what I think about diets. 


I think that a diet can go shove it!!!!

I learnt that abs are not worth missing your 21st birthday.
That abs are not worth missing a toast at a wedding.
That abs are not worth being at the gym on a Friday night when your work colleagues are doing a dinner and drinks to celebrate something big. 

These moments in your life, wont happen again. 

You don't know what is around the corner.
You don't know what life has planned for you.
And for us to be so obsessed with having a flat stomach when we don't know if we will be here tomorrow, is just madness to me now.

Eat a balanced diet.
Have a healthy salad and then enjoy that cupcake with your girlfriends over a coffee on the weekend.
Have a protein smoothie and then enjoy that dinner with your work colleagues…..

Everything in life should be done in moderation.
We need to look after our bodies first and foremost, it is the only vessel we have.
But we also need to make memories. To laugh and to cry with those that we love.


We should treasure our time that we have.