We Are The Everyday Women

We are two women who believe in the power of self love.
We are two women who have once beat ourselves up for how we looked and who we were.
We are two women who once used to have eating disorders.
We are two women who once used to compare ourselves to models and people in magazines.
We are two women, who decided that enough is enough and did something about it.

We both started our self love journey at different times in our lives.
We both started our journey for the same reason, although we come from different walks in life.

We are, The Everyday Women.


My name is Natasha, I'm 1/2 of the Everyday Women and we also have Rhiannon who is the other half of this duo!
Both of us have had different up-bringings and different walks of life, but we both have so many similar things in our story as well.

1. We both suffered from eating disorders .
2. We both pressured ourselves to look a certain way because of unrealistic models
3. We both had hormonal problems which caused havoc in our bodies.
4. We both discovered self love and it saved our lives.

I wouldn't say that we are average women, because i don't believe in any women being average. I think we are all amazing and strong, and I don't think that we should be measured by being ‘average’.
But we are everyday women, we both have full time jobs, we both have to pay our bills and put petrol in our cars. We both have to clean our houses and pay rent.

We are not two women who are famous models or famous in anyway shape or form.

We are just two women, who went on an amazing journey and realised that life can be so much more and we wanted to share that with all the other women out there.