4 Self Love Tips That Are A MUST!!!!!

4 top tips to self love. 

  1. Stop associating yourself with the women on instagram. UNFOLLOW ANYONE WHO MAKES YOU FEEL BAD.
    Unfortunately and fortunately with social media at our fingertips, its so easy for us to reach out and access photos of women in bikinis. Previously we would have to purchase magazines or watch tv shows.... Now we can just touch our screens and be filled with women with perfect bodies. The pressure to look the same, especially when their followers are rising puts immense pressure on ourselves. We look at these women, see their followers and think that THAT is what we also need to look like to be 'cool' 'popular' 'liked and admired'.......  
    Heres the thing, sure these girls are beautiful and they have amazing bodies. But the things they don't show us are their cellulite, their before photo and the after with their edited faces and their make up artist following them around for the day..... Its not real life.
    And as much as I'm about POWER TO THE WOMEN. Im also about being real from time to time. 
    You'll see photos of me plastered around with makeup, feeling foxy and fierce and then natural photos of me as well, comfortable and happy in my own skin.
    Im not perfect and I don't claim to be, I am 100% happy with my imperfections, because this is what makes me WHO I AM.
    The minute I did a social media detox and stopped following these types of women was the moment that my inner self stopped comparing me to others. 

  2.  MEDITATE!!!!
    The "i dont have time' excuse just wont cut it anymore. With the ease of guided meditation comes the opportunity to be walked through a meditation in less than 10 minutes. 
    There are even driving meditations (with your eyes OPEN) and breathing exercises that you can do whilst in your car! 
    I always used to laugh at this sort of stuff and think that it was for the 'hippies' only. Thinking that it was all hocus pocus..... 
    How wrong I was.
    My whole life slowed down and started to fall into place when I meditated. And sure when I first started I wasn't very good at it, I would get 2 minutes in and be like OKAY THATS ENOUGH. But as time went on, I was able to go longer and longer, get deeper and deeper. 
    I cant explain the magnitude of what it has brought to my life.
    I am happier, more vibrant and most of all, I have experienced such extreme self love for myself when meditating. 
    When your body vibrates and you can actually FEEL the love radiating through your body. 
    ..... Who says magic isnt real.....

  3. PRACTICE BEING GRATEFUL.... what? I know right.... being grateful can lead you to self love? 
    Heres the thing. I saw a challenge that was everyday say 5 things that you are grateful for. 
    So what i did was turn my voice recorder on my phone on the way home and record myself saying 5 things i was grateful for at the end of my working day. 
    The things would range from, im grateful for my health, grateful for my family etc, right through to, im grateful for my freckles on my skin..... 
    The weird thing was, after a while of saying these things that was grateful for, I started to believe it. 
    Heck yes my freckles are awesome, this is what makes ME ME! Rock them! 
    Being grateful for the things in your life, leads you to create warmth around you, you start to appreciate the smallest things in life. 
    I encourage everyone to do this, wether you write them down in a journal, or vlog them out!


  4. Stop being such a b*%$h! You know what i'm talking about. 

    That inner voice that says:
    "Omg, is Rhonda actually wearing that today... she looks like a giant mushroom"
    "Jessica shouldnt be wearing those shorts... seriously"
    "Omg she's being such an attention seeker, look at her posting this photo....."

    When and where did we get this inner BITCH that was so fierce towards others? When did it become okay to say those things about others as well.Women around the world! Where did empowering the other women around you go too? When did we decide that we wanted to bring others down to make ourselves feel better?
    When did we decide that we needed to be enemys rather than friends. When did we decide to be TWO FACED, writing comments on social media like 'WOW babe, you are slaying', then screen shotting it and sending it to some friends and saying 'Omg, Jessica was NOT slaying, what was she thinking'. 
    STOP IT! 
    Its hard to do, but you need to shut that inside voice UP! 
    You need to tell her this "Listen inside B&^%h, Jessica actually looks damn good in those shorts, she is vibrant and beautiful, and yes she has cellulite, but you know what, I've got it too, and if she can rock those shorts, then i can rock them too" 
    The world of magazines and perfect airbrushing tools has made us think that if you are ANYTHING bar perfect, that there is something wrong with you. 
    Burning others, makes us feel good?!
    Try bringing others up, try telling someone in your office/work space HOW AMAZING they look today and see how their WHOLE day changes. 
    This will also change you as well, complimenting others, telling others how great they are, in return gives you warm and fuzzies as well! 



4 Top Tips to Self Love