Coming off the Pill.... Part One

When I was first diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 17, the first thing my doctor did was put me on the contraceptive pill. 
I thought that this was like a medication to stop my PCOS and just took it without even doing any research into what PCOS was! 
I stayed on the contraceptive pill for about a year however, being a teenager with other priorities in life, I often missed taking the pill and forgot about it for a few days. This isnt an ideal situation and my poor body was struggling to figure out what to do. 
I went to a womens clinic at the age of 18 to see what other alternatives there could be, I let the lady know that I had been diagnosed with PCOS a year ago and after chatting about options of contraceptive she recommended the implanon. 
I got it placed 1 day later feeling great that I no longer had to worry about taking the pill. 
The implanon lasts 3 years, and one of the side effects is you have NO period whatsoever! I had this side effect, so for 3 years my body didnt menstrate at all. 
I still had done NO research into PCOS or anything natural I could do to help my body function. 
At the 3 year mark, I had the implanon taken out and a new one put in. 
However, this time, my body faught back. 
I got my period every 2 weeks!!! I went back to the doctor and they wanted to put me on the contraceptive pill for a month to help with the hormones and it should level out the implanon. 
Being 21 now, my mind was like "Is this really the right move for you?" 
I decided to just go along with it, because the doctors know whats best for me and my PCOS. 
It did work. But man did I feel like CRAP. 
At this point I had already competed in 3 body building shows. I was preparing to compete in another show with the help of a lady coach who was concerned about my PCOS and the implanon. She gave me some research about female bodies and PCOS and my mind was BLOWN. 
This was the first time I had really opened the jar and taken a peak inside PCOS and how it works in your body. 
I had only had this implanon for 1 year, but i made a decision to have it taken out. 
My body went bizerk. Like full crazy bizerk. For the first time in 5 years my body was having to make its own hormones again. 

I went on to compete a few more times, causing more damage to my adrenal glands and my body which only resulted in me fudging up my sex hormones more. 

At the age of 23/23 I went to see a naturopath who gave me some herbal medication/medicine (whatever you want to call it) and set me on my way. 
On day 28, I got my period. The next month, 28 days later, I got my period again. 
Like clockwork. 
It got me interested. So I started researching some herbs  to help with PCOS and find out more about my body. 
I only got to skin the surface of it when my 'then'partner said that he didnt feel comfortable without any contraception. 
I was a bit of a pussy back in the day and never wanted to do anything for myself, I lived for other people... I could have made an argument about condoms, but I was weak and didnt like I went back on the pill again........ 

Fast forward to now.
3-4 years on. 
I never stopped researching about PCOS. Herbs. My body. My hormones. 
I wanted to KNOW. 
Doctors didnt tell me shit. Doctors gave me medication and sent me on my way. 
And the one time I seeked herbal help, IT WORKED. 

Early this year (2018) - I saw another naturopath wanting to talk about my hormonal imbalance and my PCOS. I was on the pill and there are no tests that can be done (apart from free testosterone) to look into your sex hormones. 
All my others came back relatively normal, but I didnt feel complete without knowing about ALL of them. 
My naturopath spoke to me about the Daysy, a natural contraceptive. 

I went home and researched and my mind was BLOWN. 
I showed my partner, and although skeptical at first said that my health came first and he would support me in any decision I wanted. 

I brought the DAYSY. 
It set me back $500, but MAN will it be worth it. 


Day One : 
I feel no different, I'm not expecting to feel anything on the first day! 

Day Two : 
I still feel no difference. Just a buttload of energy! Is it because I'm excited or could it be that the pill is coming out of my system? 

Day Three : 
Today Dale asked me if I had taken speed because I'm bouncing off the walls! 
I still dont know if this is just a placebo effect of excitement, or if its really the pill coming out of my system and my body is like YESSSSSSS!!! 

Day Four : 
I feel like I could sprint for 10 years and not stop at the moment. This new found energy expenditure is awesome, but kind of alarming. Have I been living like a sloth for the past 5 years when I could have been feeling like this? Man it scares me to think that the pill could have been the contributing factor to my energy slumps! I spoke to a friend who came off the pill months ago. 
She said the first month she had highs and lows. So im thinking now that my energy is just a HIGH and I need to brace myself for my LOW that could be coming...... 
None the less, I feel like ME again, I feel clearer in my mind and more focused. 

Day Five : 
Today is a GOOD day. And kind of funny. 
I wiped my butt after peeing today and saw these brown stringy things, looked kinda like skid marks and I thought to myself, "Oh my god, did I not wipe my ass properly when I pooped last?!". 
But then I looked at it, and it looked 'stringy' and i thought, it looks like a brown discharge. 
I popped my finger inside my vagina and when I pulled it out, there was some little dark brown stringy things on my finger. 
My body is letting some old blood go! I could do a happy dance!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Day Six : 
I am feeling some weird crampy things. I dont know if i need to poop or if its my ovaries. 
Its been so long since i have felt any type of period things I just cannot decipher between the two?! 
My brown discharge is still there, but its light. Its nothing heavy. I hope that it keeps going and turns into a period!!!!! Im actually excited to get my period!!!! 

Day Seven : 
Fudge! The brown discharge is gone. Was that it? Was that my withdrawl bleed? (if you dont know what that is google it!) 
I cannot start using the Daysy unless I have my withdrawl bleed. My body is still feeling good and energetic, maybe a little more fluidy though? 

Day Eight : I am still full of energy! I feel great. The discharge is gone completely, which makes me a little sad. 

Day Nine : Today I feel a little off. Im a little emotional and feeling a bit down today. Nothing too serious though. I still have alot of energy which is a great sign! Ive decided that start using the Daysy but without the battery. I want to get myself into the habit of using it but not actually 'using' it. I havent had my withdrawl bleed. Still waiting! 

Day Ten : Feeling neutral. I still have no sign of my period and I am HANGING out for it to come. 
I have been taking all my herbs like a crazy women. I just need to give it more time. Its only been 10 days! 

Day Eleven : I still feel good. My body is a little bloated. Im feeling a little 'fluidy' and uncomfortable. This is all part of the process though.

Day Twelve : I stupidly jumped on the scales today after feeling fluidly and puffy this week and the scales are up 2kgs. I shouldn't have done it. I know how much bodies can fluctuate so I'm not going to stress myself out about it. Tomorrow is a new day and a day closer to my period !!!!!! 

Stay tuned for more.........