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we are all about women!
We are all about empowerment! 
We are all about loving yourself!
We are about finding happiness in your own self!

We are all about YOU and helping you reach your goals!


Join our growing peaches. 

MOVE by The Everyday Women has been designed for “The Everyday Woman”.
Whether you are starting your fitness journey from the comfort of your own home, or a seasoned veteran in the gym, this program has been designed for all fitness levels!
Reach new heights and feel more powerful!

Included in the program are the workout essentials! These are designed to help support you through your workouts!
- ‘Famous’ Peach Perfecter Booty Band
- Skipping Rope
- Sandbag Weights
- Access to members only section with all workouts!

Join a community of women who are striving towards their BEST self!

Reviews and Feedback


Jessica Hilton

“I purchased this program after my second child went back to school. I cant afford to go to the gym and had followed these girls on instagram for a while now. I really enjoy all the different variations in the workouts! The best part is that I can pick what workout will fit into my time limits for the day, even if the kids are napping I can quickly get one of the workouts in. Really grateful for this program, I’ve lost 5kgs so far, but more importantly I’m learning more about my body and learning to love it along the way!”

Holly Jackson

“I’m so freaking glad I brought this program!!!!!!! I work FIFO out in the mines and find it so difficult (and lack of motivation also) to work out when I go away. Having the option to pack the workout equipment with me is AMAZING because now I have no excuse! Thankyou thankyou thankyou girls!”

Melinda apthal

“Love, love LOVE the MOVE program so much. I got given this as a present as I had been complaining of wanting to get fit and to be honest pretty negative about my body. The girls were so lovely, they emailed and checked in on me along the way and I often ranted and raved about how i felt with my body. Not only did I get the program but the girls are personally helping me learn to love myself (its hard though hahaha). Really happy!”